5 Awesome Things (by Devin White)

(The best things in life are those you can share, right? Well, unless of course it’s mono or debt.  I’m excited to share this blog with some of the most interesting, diverse bloggers I know! That’s right,  I’m kicking off my brand new GUEST WRITING SECTION! I’ve assembled a super team of fellow bloggers who range in writing about everything from fashion and food to video games and philosophy! Get ready to have fun, find new favorite blogs, and maybe even discover something awesome!)


 When I stepped into my first college classroom back in 2009, there sat Devin White. And then he was in my class following the first…and the next one after that…and also my Bible seminar on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Four years, many honors classes, a trip to Italy, and countless debates later, he remains one of my most intriguing &  loyal friends (despite that one time he threatened to unfriend me when I was fundraising for my Greek club).  Devin reviews films, video games, and  other stuff on his blog D.A. White. Or catch him on  Twitter!  

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, he refers to a group of people who find satisfaction from sharing things they find and are responsible for why some trends suddenly become incredibly popular. I forget the name of this category of people Gladwell describes, but I have found it true for my own life. I am one of those people who loves to share with people something I think they will love in the hopes that they will share it as well.

So when Kelsy Black asked me to do a guest post, I decided to take this opportunity to shed some light on some amazing things that I think people should know about.

So, without further ado, here are 5 awesome whatevers.


This was the comic that made me realize that I loved this.

I do not read many webcomics, and of those that I do read, there are not many I would recommend to everyone. JL8 is one such webcomics. Originally entitled Little League, JL8 describes the adventures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League as they go through kindergarten as little kids.

That premise right there would automatically make me a fan, but what elevates this beyond a simple joke is the incredible characterization of all the different heroes. I have never been this invested in an 8-year old’s romantic life, and JL8 has some truly heartbreaking moments while always coming back to a sunny and hopeful view of life. It is surprisingly good storytelling, and while comic book geeks will get some extra in-jokes, everyone will find something to enjoy in this comic. Continue reading

TMI Thursday: Best of the Week & 100th post!

Today I spent the afternoon in Huntsville, Alabama! Very random, very my family. During my 7 years of homeschooling, we went on the MOST obscure, arbitrary field trips in the world–all with good intentions, albeit a few without actual entertainment. So, as all 6 of us sojourned to the Huntsville Space Center, it was like one giant middle school flashback.


…A great field trip venue for someone who used to have an irrational fear of outer space…

So, for this week’s edition of Too Much Information Thursday, I just have one link. This video deeply was incredibly affecting–In all of my browsing, there has yet to be something that has moved me this much.

Zach Sobiech just passed away 3 days ago from a rare bone cancer, but his story and infectious hope & joy is such a legacy. I wish I could’ve met him. He’s an incredible reminder to everyone that living with purpose is not an end result, but a current mentality.

This video is 20 minutes, but so worth the investment.

Here’s Zach’s original song “Clouds” (which is #1 on iTunes right now!) Listen to this too.

TMI Thursday: Choose Your Own Adventure

Are you ready for your day to be MADE?!

Are you ready for your day to be MADE?!

A million links for you, hot off the Google presses! I missed out last week, so get ready for some AWESOME stuff to look at. You can…


Cry a little:

Get Inspired:

  • Lately, the topic of friendship keeps coming up in my life. I’m really lucky to have awesome people in my life.  I really enjoyed this explanation of good friends. :)
  • DIY Fix: super awesome cheap necklace redo 


Gatsby (not a verb…or is it?):

Think more about sex & shame & Christianity:

Visit me.

  1. Mugshots of Celebrities if they lived in the 1920’s…or were in the movie “Lawless.”
  2. Really cool series of an artist’s GIFs themed around the idea that we’re made of stars. It’s really actually awesome.
  3. Watch this: I really want to see “Wreck It Ralph.” Like real bad. Yes, I’m 6 years old.
  4. Words cannot describe how much I love Amy Poehler & her advice to girls series. Today’s topic? Body Image!
  5. MY FIRST FASHION COLUMN for my school’s newspaper! (That’s why I’ve disappeared lately.)

Because we’re all tired of “Call Me Maybe” remixes.

  1. In the arts, these classic sculptures have been redressed in today’s apparel. Visually interesting.
  2. DIY Fix: a 2 minute chocolate chip cookie for 1 recipe looks delicious…I’m such a sucker for easy desserts.
  3. DIY Double: Chevron clutch…Chevrons, people, Chevrons!!  #unhealthyobsession
  4. If you love history as much as I do, you’ll just get a kick out of the Gloss’ profiles of interesting women. Madame de Pompadour is especially intriguing! 
  5. Photography Fix: This series, entitled Fallen Princesses, deals with, you guessed it: Disney Princesses & reality. Intriguing.
  6. “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone” from Hello Giggles. Enough Said.
  7. Go see this movie. 
  8. Laugh at this classic Aziz Ansari stand-up. (There is language.)
  9. Animals. Lots of them. Cute ones with tinier versions of themselves!
  10. One last thing for arts: These are some of the coolest billboards I’ve  ever seen! Apparently, they’re the best of the best from the last 6 years!