5 LeeU Greek Guys You’ll Meet

You’ve read about 5 Types of Greek Girls, but it would be simply unfair neglect the plethora* of Lee University’s Greek guys. Like I asserted in the previous post, everyone is the SAME. These types of personalities stay constant, even if their club doesn’t stick around. Of course you may be wondering how I’m even qualified to write about Greek men, as (gasp) I’m not a little sister to any of the 4 clubs. Obviously, I cry myself to sleep every night over my meaningless life without wearing black, navy, forest green, or burgundy alongside jade. It’s a miracle I can function, to be honest. But for the grace of God…

*Plethora in Lee terms is still like 4 girls to every guy. I mean, there’s 6 girl clubs & just 4 guy clubs. Numbers don’t lie. 

Prepare to read a delightful bunch of metaphors! Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

1. The Grandpa.

One of Theta’s current members

“Aren’t you like 26?” and “Weren’t you supposed to graduate 2 semesters ago?” are frequently asked questions to the Grandpa type. Usually, they stay in order to a) be the oldest member in the entire club and rule with an iron (albeit wrinkled and sun spotted) fist b) be Induction Chair…for the 5th time or c) attempt to score with yet another hapless Greek girl (see: The Crazy or Needy one)…or all three! But let’s face it, Grandpas will never leave.  Continue reading

Dating Deal Breakers of Lee University

A little over a thousand days ago, I was a freshman. Now, I am not, but as a former peer leader, the great responsibility of sharing my vast and extensive research on Lee deal breakers is heavy upon my heart. Freshman girls, these pearls of wisdom will hopefully guard your heart from the same deal breakers as everyone else.

Deal Breakers:

Colossians 3:23 y’all

  1. He doesn’t text you during chapel. OMG, he’s actually listening to the message and worshipping? What is wrong with him!? Everyone knows that chapel is the time to play Temple Run or flirtily text. Duh.


  1. He’s not a ministry major.Move over Spanish and French, Koine Greek is obviously the language of love here at Lee. If your crush doesn’t know an alpha from an omega (insert obligatory corny Greek joke about not knowing an iota), you need to drop him like it’s hot.

    Dr. Bowdle knows.

  2. He doesn’t own a hammock. Hammocks are status symbols and often belong to the social elite & top of Lee’s social hierarchy. If he doesn’t own a hammock, most likely he’s actually hanging out with people indoors or even worse, studying. It’s a slippery slope to being associated with someone lame, my friend.

    This is your man…with a hammock.

  3. He doesn’t want to be in a Greek club.  You’ve really got to pray about this one. How will he ever be able to finish his 80 hours of service without being in a Greek service club, the only clubs truly committed to service on campus? It’s literally impossible. Just ask any member of TKO (…Oh wait, you can’t.)
  4. And now for a real one: He longboards.  I’m sorry, long boarders, but wake up from your dream world. Everyone is judging you. Long boards are inefficient means of travel & most likely means that you live in Medlin, arguably the shortest distance to classes.


Blast from the past: “Everyone Hates Greek Clubs: Here’s Maybe Why” (2011)

Originally written April 4, 2011.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the systems that we use to gain value, worth, and basically, false redemption.

Donald Miller enables this great metaphor in his book Searching For God Knows What: Basically, we are all on a sinking lifeboat that has one too many passengers. We are fighting to prove our value and necessity on the boat, lest we be cast out. And his metaphor makes perfect sense.

Being a human means that we are basically defined by who loves us. God made us so that He was the source of our identity and outside of our relationship with Him, we don’t have any worth at all. He tells us we are valuable, beautiful, and worthy of love. Because our sin severed this direct relationship with our Creator, we have devised this system in which we are desperately looking towards others for approval and worth.

I think one reason people hate clubs and associations that are of a more exclusive nature, for example Greek clubs, is because it reminds everyone of the lifeboat mentality. We are seeking acceptance from a jury of our peers, longing for them to say “You are good enough, you have value to us, we love you.” When faced with rejection from any sort of jury of peers, it hurts. We’ve lost our source of “redemption.” And so, the search for a new system commences. On and on and on until you are deemed “good enough.” Being utterly consumed by this process happens all too frequently.

But really, who is the judge of this confused cycle?  Who says one person is better than the other? None of us are capable of this task—only God. Our value system is completely silly to Him, as He created each person with inherent value. His speciality is creating the best. God’s ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts, as the prophet Isaiah confirms.

Our significance is in Christ alone. Only when we recognize this truth can we love ourselves, others, and God how we should. There’s rescue from this sinking ship of false security and redemption.

(Note. For those who legitimately hate Greek clubs, here’s the thing. Using the “jury of peers” model, I bet you can think of equivalent social environments in your life. The underlying foundation is all the same.)