Okay, I just have to share because I LOVE the feeling of making something cute, sustainable, and like fifty times cheaper than purchasing it.

I never, ever wear bikinis because usually the tops are like two tiny triangles of nothingness and that just doesn’t work for me. There’s so little fabric & coverage that I’d be better off sewing two potholders together or something. And bathing suits that actually are fitted cost upwards of way too much money.

A month ago, I found the cutest ever bathing suit top online (From this website, if you’re curious). It was absolutely perfect for me–retro, fitted to my bra size rather than the dumb XS-XL model, and on sale for $17. Whattt. I had to buy it.

I also wanted to find high waisted bottoms to go with the retro feel of the top, but alas. They’re kind of tricky to find. My dream pair was from ModCloth, but it was SO expensive. I couldn’t see myself spending nearly $60 on bathing suit bottoms. So I decided to change that, thanks to a trip to the fabric store.
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.57.43 AMModcloth version: $57

My version: $36 ($2 for supplies plus $34 for actual bottoms)



And yes, they’re even cuter than the ModCloth ones (in my opinion). I am the master of sewing now.

DIY Don’t: Upcycled Mens Shirt Top

I have a dream.

An insane dream to one day be able to upcycle (read: converting useless/old material into something cool & fresh) old clothes into awesome trendy pieces…and yet, EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to enact this plan, I fail miserably and comically.

This isn’t an exaggeration. I may be good at some DIY projects, but my sewing machine hates my guts.  If my life were an animated movie, it would be the bad guy & would probably have an ominous smoker’s voice.

Like this, but evil.

Like this, but evil.

But alas, I am a fool.

I’m obsessed with the idea of denim button up/oxford shirts that are literally EVERYWHERE and look fantastic in a variety of outfits. While perusing my local Goodwill, I found an old denim men’s shirt, which I thought would be PERFECT in fulfilling my desire for denim and my upcycling DIY dream.

Not too shabby! I'm imagining that it belonged to an old construction worker.

Not too shabby! I’m imagining that it belonged to an old construction worker.

The sleeves were too baggy and the shirt was a tad too large in general to just wear normally, so the Mens Shirt –> to Sleeveless Top transformation began! I feel optimistic, like the fairy godmother of bad clothes!


(If you squint, you can kind of see a slight ombre effect to the shirt–another upcycle that failed miserably)

You’ll need: scissors, pins, a sewing machine, an oversized shirt (duh), and a sleeveless top that fits you well, a better attitude than I had


Line up the top with the mens shirt and trace a new outline, being sure to cut seam allowances–something I ignored. Foolishly.

So then just sew it up! You’ll be fine. Also make sure to size it correctly…another cough mistake cough.

This is where my issue came. Once it had been sewed and finished, I realized that there was just something weird about the sleeves that made the entire shirt look like something out of a very butch lesbian’s closet.

No comment.

No comment.

Maybe sleeveless button downs are just not a good idea. Maybe they resemble denim Mom vests too much. Maybe I should stop fooling myself about upcycle projects.

With normal clothes, my new shirt isn’t too horrible, but I highly doubt it’s wearable “on the outside.” Sigh. Anyone want a free, moderately well-tailored shirt with…interesting sleeves?

Catchphrase #743: Red lipstick fixes everything!

Catchphrase #743: Red lipstick fixes everything!

But really.

Glitter Starbucks Travel Mug: That’s What’s Up.

Of course I’ve seen this all over Pinterest and fell in love. It looked pretty easy and I’m here to tell you today that it was just as simple as I thought it’d be! 


  • Starbucks travel mug (the kind that has two layers)
  • Spray adhesive (I used good old hairspray…which I do NOT suggest) 

And then spray, shake in the glitter, and wait! It’s easier than making Shake N Bake Chicken, y’all. 

Now you can enjoy your beautiful (not dishwasher safe) Starbucks cup! 

As Seen On Pinterest: Fall Decor Part II


I just love the Loud & Clear blog! She is doing “As Seen on PInterest”-esque posts as well and DIY inspiration is simply contagious. I’m going to have to try this out ASAP.

Originally posted on the loud and clear:

Okay, I have been TOTALLY slacking on my Pinterest Projects. I swore I’d do one a week, and I’m failing.  I’m sorry.  I’ll try to be better. Promise.

Anyway, my second Pinterest Project is from none other than Martha Stewart. Martha’s Harvest Feast Branches looked simple, pretty, and festive.  Three great craft qualities if you ask me.  Martha recommends that you use fleece to wrap the branches.  I’m not positive, but I don’t think she means the kind that makes my favorite type of jacket.  I think she means fleece yarn, as in yarn that hasn’t been spun yet.  She says the natural oils from your skin and the friction of the fleece on the branches will make it stick.

Well, that’s nice and all, but yarn is expensive and I’m guessing fleece is too.  Plus, I didn’t want to leave the house (aside to get a branch from the…

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As Seen on Pinterest: DIY Autumn Wreath

October, you’re finally here! The next 31 days are some of my absolute favorites of the entire year; there’s just something about the month of October that is simply magical. If you could transfer your birthday to another month, I’d easily choose this one over hot, humid July.

The best little house in Cleveland!

The house I live in this semester is the epitome of charm and I feel like the luckiest senior at Lee University to live in it! But alas, as I was perusing Pinterest, I realized that my home was nothing without a fall wreath! I found a few that I wanted to try and started looking at tutorials. Continue reading


I love this DIY and simply had to share. I have some shoes (affectionately dubbed “Peter Pan Shoes” by my friends) that would greatly benefit from this makeover!

Originally posted on imprimé léopard:

I’ve been seeing a lot of cap-toe shoes, and just wanted to try making some myself! They look a little messy, but I think it adds to it. It probably would have turned out better if I used non-suede shoes, the gold would have been more of a metallic look. But I’m still in love with how they turned out! I’ll probably try it again with some flats.. What do you guys think?

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Happy 1st day of Fall!

And so begins the most wonderful, magical time of year! All I feel like doing is rereading the Harry Potter series, drinking pumpkin/apple/cinnamon type beverages, and knitting infinity scarves while simultaneously listening to Ella Fitzgerald & Louie Armstrong duets. And watching “When Harry Met Sally.” Multitasking.

I want a bouquet of perfectly sharpened pencils too, “You’ve Got Mail!”

But, alas. I’ll have to compromise some of the fun things for studying for the GRE and completing my application to study abroad in the UK next semester. (I know, so tragic.)

Like the new blog layout? I think it’s absolutely perfect! “The Accidental Extrovert” is going to be experiencing a few more exciting additions soon! Namely, a brand new  DIY section called “As Seen On Pinterest!” One of my classes this semester requires us to blog about a niche we like and honestly, being able to create recipes and home improvements for school  AND update my blog seems like I’m totally beating the system.

(Side note: If you ever have to go an entire semester without Internet in your house, make sure you don’t happen to insult  Starbucks baristas. Trust me. Internet > justice/free drinks.)


Because we’re all tired of “Call Me Maybe” remixes.

  1. In the arts, these classic sculptures have been redressed in today’s apparel. Visually interesting.
  2. DIY Fix: a 2 minute chocolate chip cookie for 1 recipe looks delicious…I’m such a sucker for easy desserts.
  3. DIY Double: Chevron clutch…Chevrons, people, Chevrons!!  #unhealthyobsession
  4. If you love history as much as I do, you’ll just get a kick out of the Gloss’ profiles of interesting women. Madame de Pompadour is especially intriguing! 
  5. Photography Fix: This series, entitled Fallen Princesses, deals with, you guessed it: Disney Princesses & reality. Intriguing.
  6. “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone” from Hello Giggles. Enough Said.
  7. Go see this movie. 
  8. Laugh at this classic Aziz Ansari stand-up. (There is language.)
  9. Animals. Lots of them. Cute ones with tinier versions of themselves!
  10. One last thing for arts: These are some of the coolest billboards I’ve  ever seen! Apparently, they’re the best of the best from the last 6 years!

The DIY from Hell: Glitter Heels.

At my school, there exists a magical evening every semester known by all as tap night. Groups of similarly dressed men and women parade around campus marching in lines two by two and ambush lone individuals, whispering things to them & then permitting them join the end of the line.

…This is also known as the beginning of Greek rush.

In preparation, I needed to find black comfortable heels! Instead of buying new ones, I decided to redo a old vintage pair of shoes that were in bad shape. And after reading seemingly simple instructions online, I decided to go for it!

Step 1: Choose shoes! Mine were silk, but I’m sure any texture (even plastic) would work. 

I was so naive. Glitter is the STI of the craft world. It gets EVERYWHERE (so many places…) really fast. And it won’t go away. So, warning: only attempt if you don’t mind picking glitter off of you for the next 24 hours.  Continue reading

First DIY Post!: Embroidered Earbuds

Ooh, look at that jade, gray, & yellow. Hot.

As a total fangirl of DIY projects & blogs, I’ve always wanted to post a project I’ve done! …Unfortunately, I always forget. So, I present to you my first blogged DIY: Embroidered Earbuds!

Why: Back when Pinterest was cool, I saw a pin from an etsy store highlighting the same project! I HATE when my headphones get tangled and everyone knows that if you leave them alone for 5 seconds after you untangle them, they WILL get tangled again. Fact of life.

What You Need: At least 3 different spools of embroidery floss, clear nail polish, headphones (duh)

How*: It’s just like making a friendship bracelet! Tie the three strands at the top and go from there! Secure knots & prevent frays with clear nail polish! Easy.

*My very brief instructions can be furthered explained by this blog!

And I already love them & have gotten compliments/looks of bewilderment when people find out I made them. haha Oh, uncreative people.