TMI Friday? (Just roll with it): Summer Reading

So far in post-grad life, I’ve been trying to figure out just exactly where my entire day goes…turns out, it’s the Internet.

(I mean, are you really surprised?)

In the spirit of taking a break from constantly looking up cool articles, today’s TMI Thursday Friday is thusly devoted to literature. My parents gave me an iPad mini for graduation (very surprising!) and I’ve quickly gone from being completely apathetic about iPads to addict level. And now that I’ve found that the public library has an ebook system, well, all I do now is read books on my iPad. (For the record, I still refuse to take pictures using it; I’m not that much of a jerk yet.)

I’ve been checking out a TON of the “Must Read Summer 2013” lists–if you’re into that too, consider this a review!

Definitely recommend: 


  • Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn: fantastic thriller all about sociopaths. So good. Makes you wonder if you’re a sociopath…and then you realize you feel TOO many emotions, so that’s impossible. I rarely read fiction, but this is one that makes me want to be a better writer.  (Lazy? It’s turning into a film–in talks to be directed by David Fincher, aka it’s a big deal)


  • Start, Jon Acuff: I love Jon Acuff. I saw him speak last month at a church nearby and not only was he incredibly engaging, but very wise. His latest book is just the same! It’s been beyond encouraging and helpful for me as I sort through the unknown that is my future.


  • Love Does, Bob Goff: Another life-alteringly inspirational book. I read this in the UK and took pages of notes while doing so. Goff’s writing style is conversational–he’s a storyteller above all else, but you’d be surprised what you learn and realize along the way.Unknown
  • A Visit from the Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan: Really unusual book with characterization to spare. It’s full of interconnected stories, much like this new season of Arrested Development, actually.


Okay, so just one book, but I’ve seen it on several “Must Read” lists.

paris wife

  • The Paris Wife, Paula McClain: Although it follows the life of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife Hadley, I was rather bored. The story got a bit stale.

Currently Reading/too soon to catagorize: 

  • Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn (so far, so…interesting)
  • Superfreakonomics, Steven Levitt (I’ve read Freakonomics and I’m excited to read this new version!)
  • Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life, David Friedman (what? I really enjoy economics…)

Going Out versus Staying In/Netflix, as told by gifs

My life (and/or blog title) is a becoming a lie. I can feel myself slowly turning into more of an…introvert.


Don’t get me wrong–some of my best friends are introverts!  But I can’t very well have a blog called The Accidental EXTROVERT and also take great joy in canceling plans and pretending to be a hermit.


As the whole extrovert/introvert debacle is best defined as the source of one’s personal energy, I’d still say that mine comes from being social, but the older I become, the more I like to be social while staying in. 

I like doing the same activities as, say, Laura Ingles Wilder: making a lot of crafts, reading, and watching a lot of comedies (okay, not really a Little House on the Prairie activity, but I’m sure she spent time watching…prairie dogs or something. Same difference.)  anigif_enhanced-buzz-25938-1368119119-40

But then someone will invite me to go out. Like OUT out. As in, out of my house. Which also means that I’d probably have to shower and look like a person rather than an amorphous pile of pajamas. Ugh. The effort.


Large parties intimidate me sometimes. If all my friends were going to Gatsby’s house for a huge party, I’d probably stay home & pretend to be reading up on the stock exchange (arguably something more people SHOULD have done, let’s be honest).


I would probably be helping his servants clean or serve drinks or something.

I like small parties because they force you to not be awkward. Which is always a plus. Awkward Kelsy<Charming Kelsy (unless…they’re the same person…Oh my gosh…)6425407653_b8d15f8963

Parties often are the sources of major personal quandaries, such as these:

SCENARIO 1: Sitting at home, researching very important information…


…When a friend calls you & invites you to said party/gathering/whatever. The only person you’ll know there is your friend. This news is unpleasant. anigif_enhanced-buzz-13537-1368676527-3

But what can you do? You want to make more friends in the area. You want to live up to the mantle of extroversion. So, despite it all, you go. (But you know very well that if you had been invited via social media, you would’ve denied it faster than you can say “Netflix marathon.”)


SCENARIO 2: So, you’re at the party and interacting (in real life) someone you regularly Facebook stalk/subsequently know everything about. Everything’s going swimmingly…until you accidentally talk about something you weren’t “supposed” to know…Uh…mayday, mayday. Abort conversation!


SCENARIO 3: The party’s now awkward and it’s actually not your fault! Everyone’s talking about a shared memory/opinion of something you have NO idea about. Just pretend to text someone until the conversation becomes relatable? I mean, how long can this conversation last, right? tumblr_inline_mmrq99hT9V1rnvwt1WRONG, it never ends. Have fun being the new eleventh wheel. It’s also the 11th circle of social hell, basically, right after waving hi to someone & their lack of acknowledgement of your presence.  tumblr_inline_mmtrae9QTQ1rnvwt1…Oh parties. As far as I can tell, parties leave you feeling either one of two ways:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18207-1367304924-18Introversion doesn’t always mean the “I hate everyone”  party approach, nor is extroversion always the manic socializer. Both can be very fluid & situational, so I think it’s really important to understand that feelings are completely shifting compared to the sometimes restrictive personality label.

At a future party, large or small, I’m just going to wing it and see what happens!


TMI Thursday: Best of the Week & 100th post!

Today I spent the afternoon in Huntsville, Alabama! Very random, very my family. During my 7 years of homeschooling, we went on the MOST obscure, arbitrary field trips in the world–all with good intentions, albeit a few without actual entertainment. So, as all 6 of us sojourned to the Huntsville Space Center, it was like one giant middle school flashback.


…A great field trip venue for someone who used to have an irrational fear of outer space…

So, for this week’s edition of Too Much Information Thursday, I just have one link. This video deeply was incredibly affecting–In all of my browsing, there has yet to be something that has moved me this much.

Zach Sobiech just passed away 3 days ago from a rare bone cancer, but his story and infectious hope & joy is such a legacy. I wish I could’ve met him. He’s an incredible reminder to everyone that living with purpose is not an end result, but a current mentality.

This video is 20 minutes, but so worth the investment.

Here’s Zach’s original song “Clouds” (which is #1 on iTunes right now!) Listen to this too.

Watching Awkward Movies with my Parents, as told by gifs

Words cannot even begin to describe the awkwardness of introducing your parents to a new movie or show that turns out to be a LOT more objectionable than you remember. This happens to me a lot, sadly. Like last week, I introduced my dad to Mad Men. Last week’s episode…happened to filled with a S&M-esque tryst. Cool. (I’m still scarred for life from when I convinced my dad & 17 year old brother to go see “The Master” in theaters with me. What…was…I…thinking?!)


So, just like always, the movie begins just as you remember. So far, so good (unless your family’s like mine & have infamous question askers. While, yes, sometimes I talk in movies, asking constant questions is THE WORST.)


But then you remember that one really inappropriate scene in the movie, but can’t remember when it happens…and suddenly are on edge.anigif_enhanced-buzz-16039-1368117857-10

Anything slightly objectionable makes you really, really nervous & you’re constantly checking your parents’ faces to gauge their reaction. My method is to talk loudly about ANYTHING ELSE in order to distract them from the screen. tumblr_inline_mm27cdp2uL1r79k32

And then, IT happens.


My parents:




Try as you might to defend the movie (or in my case last week, Mad Men), you know it’s a lost cause. You lost all movie choosing clout. Get ready to watch campy superhero movies for the rest of your life.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-2273-1367704577-10 tumblr_inline_mky0btPkDZ1qz4rgp

TMI Thursday: If you give me a video to watch…

Then of course I’m going to have to share it! This week there were just too many awesome things to watch–I could barely stand it!

1. OF COURSE, you need to see the Season 4 Arrested Development trailer:

2. …Then once you’re thinking about TV series, you MUST watch this touching Office goodbye from the cast. Very sweet.

3. But you might remember how funny the Office (and AD) are and want to watch this hilarious couple caught by Jay Leno’s fake gas pump news prank. Rumor on the street is that it was fake, as the couple are professional actors, but hey. It’s still funny.

4. Hey, you know what else is funny? Stephen Colbert reviewing The Great Gatsby.

5. Then you can’t stop thinking about The Great Gatsby. What if the new soundtrack played for the Robert Redford version of the movie? What kind of sorcery is this!?

6. Then you start thinking of the addictive personalities in Gatsby and watch this lady who is addicting to becoming fat. Because it’s kind of interesting.

7. Then you’ll remember how the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch has been in the news lately about how  he doesn’t want anyone he doesn’t deem as cool enough or pretty enough to wear his clothes. This guy decided to buy up Goodwill’s A&F clothes and give it to the homeless! While I wish he had a little more interaction rather than just seemingly tossing the clothes, the point is still there.

And then you’ll have to move on with your life until next week’s links! ha.


Job Hunting, as told by gifs

Well, I’ve officially been out of college for 9 days.


What have I been doing on this glorious self-proclaimed vacation week? Obviously not blogging, whoops.


Basically, I’ve been living a life Liz Lemon would be proud of. Sleeping, watching all of the seasons of “Community,” and eating. I love food and laziness. This series of gifs = post-grad life thus far. Watch out, a life this fabulous is contagious.




But now that my vacation week is over, I’ve been having the bad feeling that maybe…somehow…perhaps…I need to find a real job. Cue ominous music.  


People in town are starting to ask questions that I just can’t answer…questions like:


And I’m just like…


Another reason I need a job is because every time I pull up my bank account, I die a little.


Job hunting is such a weird way to describe finding a job. It’s honestly like the Hunger Games. I have to choose which career path to pursue (curse you, abstract Communications Studies degree!) and hope the odds are in my favor! So, phase 1 of job hunting is of course self-actualization. anigif_enhanced-buzz-32541-1366772301-14

I just want to do work that is meaningful and makes me excited everyday to spend my time doing it. Like this adventurous corgi—he knows what’s up:


May we all be like this dog.


TMI Thursday: Choose Your Own Adventure

Are you ready for your day to be MADE?!

Are you ready for your day to be MADE?!

A million links for you, hot off the Google presses! I missed out last week, so get ready for some AWESOME stuff to look at. You can…


Cry a little:

Get Inspired:

  • Lately, the topic of friendship keeps coming up in my life. I’m really lucky to have awesome people in my life.  I really enjoyed this explanation of good friends. :)
  • DIY Fix: super awesome cheap necklace redo 


Gatsby (not a verb…or is it?):

Think more about sex & shame & Christianity: