5 Weird Things that Make Me Miss Europe

It’s been 2 months since my European adventure and boy, do I miss it sometimes. Most days, the trip feels like a foggy dream. Of course, I love the little moments when I can say to people (sometimes earnestly, most of the time consciously pompously), “Oh, I was in England when that happened.” But…lately, the smallest things are big reminders of the incredible 12 weeks I had. Even the not so great parts or places seem better to me (but never Dublin, sorry.)

1. Any and all movies set in the places I’ve been, like this cute Mickey Mouse cartoon “Croissant de Triomphe” set in Paris.

This was really my life when in Paris! Wahhh!

This was really my life when in Paris! Wahhh!

2. British accents sound like home.

3. My favorite pub meal (minus Indian food of course) was a magical dish called Hunter’s Chicken, which is barbecued chicken breast with bacon & English cheddar on top. I keep searching for a similar dish, but to no avail. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. Or just seeing ANY British food anywhere…especially Strongbow Cider. Yum.

My go to British beverage.

MY British beverage. (aka the only thing I liked.)

4. Traveling in general. Going from three months of nonstop travel  in Europe to a lifestyle when I jump at the chance to just go to Cleveland…is pretty depressing. My parents think I’m traveling TOO much (is that really ever possible?)–surprisingly, trying to placate them by quoting Tolkien’s “Not all who wander are lost” phrase is NOT working. (I’ll be back in Dallas next week though!)

"Portlandia" did a best job with this concept.

“Portlandia” did a better job with this concept.

5.  Even just the British flag gets me teary eyed! Good old Union Jack. God bless the Queen, and all that.


Thinking about my time abroad is such a warm, cheerful memory–much like drinking a cup of tea, actually! I know I’ll be back one day–I can’t wait to be an obnoxious tour guide to whomever’s with me and (lovingly) drag them  to all of my favorite places.

Until then, we beat on, like boats against the–wait, wrong angst-filled story. Mine at least has a future happy ending.