Soli_deo_gloriaI am a writer. And from what I’ve been told, a pretty good one.

It feels awfully strange to write those previous two sentences, because considering myself a “writer” never felt legitimate to me. When it’s something you’ve been doing for the majority of your life, “self-publishing” little books on construction paper & carrying around notebooks for short stories on the playground, it’s just what I do.

As time has passed, I’m beginning to realize that this thing called writing is in fact perhaps what I’m supposed to do. I might have been an accidental extrovert, but there’s no accidental talent in our lives. When you’re gifted at something, be in singing or public speaking or caring for others or calculations, it’s on purpose and for YOUR purpose.

Sometimes I get really tripped up with this blog, truth be told. I fall back into performance rather than praise and use my talents to give myself glory & prestige. That dang stats counter gets to me. If a post doesn’t have X amount of views, I feel like I failed & that my writing was just subpar. It’s not very healthy and definitely not fun.

As I learned at church this Sunday, prosperity does not mean excess. The purpose of this blog has ALWAYS been to just to provide a sometimes vulnerable, sometimes funny, always honest view of life. I want my writing to be used by God to speak to others (which, it’s quite funny. The more I strive for views, the less meaning the post actually has.) and based on all the kind, compassionate feedback I get, my purpose is being met. I don’t need to have 4985346 views a day. I don’t need a book deal. I don’t need to be popular. My goal is authenticity, not mass acceptance or approval.

Soli Deo gloria, Glory to God alone.

I’d like to take this moment to dedicate my writing once & forever to the Lord. (I should’ve done this ages ago, but hey, I was a little too focused on making my name increase at the time.) This work is dedicated solely to bringing Him glory and only for the reason of praising God.

And for the next month, I’m going to just write. Not look at the stats & flagellate myself for low views, not endlessly self-promote. Writing is one of my favorite forms of worship and I’m going to get back to that.

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