“You’ll be a Cat Lady!”

At some point during my college career, something within my friend group snapped. Suddenly, midway through junior year, everybody and their brother was teasing me about becoming a crazy cat lady one day. Maybe the label was because I avoided dating all four years, maybe it was due to the cat sweater I sometimes wore (ironically!), but no matter the reason, it kind of sucked.


The idea of ending up alone and a cat lady terrified me, as so many people (including family members) already touted me as being “Ms. Career,” out to basically work myself into a Liz Lemon-esque life. I tried to explain that a) I hate cats, b) they hate me back, and c) Liz Lemon ends up getting married (spoiler alert), but whatever—if I was into having a cool job & making a difference, obviously relationships weren’t in the cards for me.  (The logical fallacies abound…)

Told you.

Told you.

When I told people what I wanted to do with my life, I would always get a pat on the back and worried advice: “That’s great and all, but don’t put relationships and love on the back burner.”

Bullshit. I refuse to believe that the purpose of life is EITHER relationships OR career. Think of Adam—God gave him a task (Genesis 1:15) AND someone to be with (Genesis 1:18) (…and then more tasks haha).

So often, when we relegate life to either/or, black/white existences, we truly miss out & settle for an off-brand, dowdy version of the life God has for us.

I know I’m not going to be a crazy cat lady. Cats hate me, remember? And I mean come on, I’ve got a lot going on for me.  But, I do know that if I end up single or married—no matter what my relationship status—I’ll be doing the awesome things God has planned for me. The people who God has in my life, both now and in the future, are a part of that awesomeness—but they aren’t the end all, be all for my life.

Maybe you’re in the same boat I was in or perhaps the opposite boat (but on the same river?), but no matter what, keep going! Whether you’re pursuing a cause that gets you really fired up or you’re striving to better yourself at something you truly feel MEANT to do, don’t stop!

God will bring people in your life who support you, love you, and have the same goals. If there’s nobody there, a) email me at [email protected]! I’m here for you! and b) they’re on the way. Trust me.

2 thoughts on ““You’ll be a Cat Lady!”

  1. Hey Kelsey! Great post! I’ll even overlook the fact that you don’t like kitties. (And, coming from me, that’s saying something! I’m going to be the MARRIED crazy cat lady. :D)

    I had a friend in high school tell me that if I followed my dream of becoming a teacher, I’d never get married because I’d be too busy. I think her idea of school teachers was probably Katherine-with-a-K from Anne of Green Gables. I.e., straight-faced, bun-sporting, fun-sucking old maids. Seriously!

    Well, I’m not finished with my teaching degree, and I already know I won’t have to worry about singleness. I’m in a thriving relationship with an awesome guy who loves Jesus, and I’m still managing to become a teacher. (Oh, and I generally don’t wear my hair in a bun.) Take that, fear. Take that, haters. ;)


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