Best Links of the Week: Saturday Edition


Today’s TMI Saturday seems to go in one of two directions: aesthetic design or evocative reads. (And of course, lots of BuzzFeed.) Hope you enjoy them as much as I did this week!

Cool Design

  • Buzzfeed says it best: these bookstore ads “capture the magic of reading”. They’re enchanting. 
  • These awesome film & TV poster inspired Save the Dates have gone viral lately, but the best part is that I have friends who know them! Fun fact: the couple’s actual invite was a DVD case!
  • So, this isn’t as timely as it would’ve been in say…May, but this cool visualization of the plot of “The Great Gatsby” is simply cool. Keep doing what you do, designers!
  • In that note, if you work best at a coffee shop but as also broke as a joke, check out Coffitivity! It plays “cafe noises” to help you be productive. I haven’t tried it yet, but will soon! I wonder if it has a “include pretentious hipsters talking” background option.

Feel things. 

(Okay, you need a break from crying.)

Feel more things. 

  • The latest viral Christian/marriage post is the sharply titled “My Husband is Not My Soul Mate.” What do you think of it? (Remember, read with a grain of salt, as the author didn’t intend for such a giant audience of readers.)
  • This made me SO angry: Sojourners has an incredible series of posts about sexual violence in the Church & this post about “masculine Christianity” takes the cake. Powerful stuff: “[Rape] is not about short skirts…It’s about fear of powerlessness. It’s a crisis of masculinity and social control.”
  • To combat the anger, check out Rachel Held Evan’s insightful examination of anger versus bitterness, “Why I can’t stay angry.”

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